Green housing may challenge appraisers.

As consumers learn more about sustainability, green homes are becoming more popular.

Many appraisers are apprehensive about providing valuations for manufactured housing.

Overall, the process of appraising a manufactured home doesn't differ too much from the valuation steps for other properties.

Staff appraisers have ample opportunity for career development and advancement.

Independent appraisers operating their businesses as sole proprietors make up a large part of the valuation industry.

Micro-homes are popping up across the U.S., and appraisers must think beyond comparison analysis to provide valuations for these properties.

More of today's homebuyers are fond of tiny houses, and while this trend has many advantages for consumers, it presents challenges for appraisals.

Knowing what to expect in an appraisal can ensure you get the optimal value.

Homeowners want to get the best and most accurate valuation for their homes during an appraisal.