When and why do you need to get an appraisal?

Real estate appraisals are typically beneficial to nearly everyone involved in the buying or selling of a home.

Appraisers can use social media to position themselves as thought leaders regarding hot-button issues.

Social media's importance continues to grow for many businesses across various industries, and the appraisal sector can also embrace this channel.

BPOs have some key differences from appraisals.

A broker price opinion estimates the value of a property and is performed by a real estate broker.

Appraisers need to protect themselves from liability.

Despite displaying a professional approach to home valuations, appraisers may still find themselves at risk for a lawsuit if any damages are caused.

Although divorcing spouses have their disagreements, appraisers conducting a valuation for these clients must remain unbiased third parties.

Divorce is typically a very stressful and confrontational time for property owners, but valuation professionals can't let these disagreements impact how they conduct appraisals.