Renovations that add to a home's economic or useful life can lower its effective age.

Effective age is a term appraisers and homeowners should know, as this number can have a noticeable impact on a home's value. So what is it?

Effective age is a good way to determine if an older home is comparable to a newer one.

Many appraisers have found themselves in the tough position of trying to find comparable properties in communities with few to offer, especially when it comes to locating comps with a similar age.

Developing a personal brand starts with defining who you are as an appraiser.

Referrals are a key source of business for appraisers, and one way they can increase the number of referrals they receive is to build their personal brands.

Because celebrity homes tend to be larger and more complex, they can take much longer to measure and appraise.

Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his luxury home in Highland Park, Illinois, for some time.

Internet speed impacts home values.

Valuation professionals know the importance of an Internet connection in the field when they're conducting an appraisal, but the ability to connect to the Web impacts the valuation process beyond accessing data on comparable properties during a walkthrough.