Gross living area measurements have specific guidelines.

The calculation and definition of gross living area (GLA) are significant parts of an appraisal.

Real estate agents and appraisers can communicate but must adhere to certain regulations.

Due to the many federal regulations and other rules governing who can communicate with appraisers and in what manner, some real estate agents may be hesitant to get in contact with valuation professionals.

The necessity of a prelisting appraisal depends on the seller.

Some homeowners order a home appraisal prior to putting their houses on the market to determine the best listing price, but is this strategy necessary?

Drive-by appraisals don't account for issues that may be visible in a home's interior.

In certain cases, homeowners or lenders request a drive-by appraisal.

Appraisers and real estate agents have different goals when selecting comps.

Both appraisers and real estate agents pull data on comparable home sales, but they don't necessarily have the same viewpoint when looking at this information.