Mistakes can add up to be extremely costly for appraisers.

Rejected appraisals can cost lenders and appraisal management companies several millions of dollars per year.

Manufactured housing requires special procedures in the appraisal and loan process.

While manufactured housing can be an attractive option for homeowners, it comes with some extra work for appraisers, as well as the general loan process.

Understanding how to properly value green homes is becoming a major challenge for appraisers.

The Appraisal Institute has announced it will team up with RESNET to deliver educational material for real estate appraisers.

There are a few important steps to know when flipping a home or buying one.

Americans are flipping more homes than they have in the last 10 years, and making more money from them as well.

The CFPB updated its list of communities considered rural.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced March 2 that a new mortgage application process would add new areas to what it considers "rural."