Most people try to reduce their taxes, but they aren't worth nothing.

When assessing options for where to purchase a home or other property, consumers naturally are attracted by areas with lower property tax rates.

Lenders are overwhelmingly favoring borrowers with high credit scores.

it's getting harder for prospects to obtain a mortgage, and this doesn't seem to be changing any time soon, according to analyst reports.

There are now more official criteria available to appraisers for use with green properties.

With new certification requirements, appraisers have more tools available to accurately assess green homes.

Corporate relocation is a major logistics challenge for a business.

The needs of businesses around the world are constantly changing. Sometimes, that means major changes for certain employees within an organization.

Appraising lakefront property can be a challenge.

It is an appraiser's job to take into account any and every factor that could impact the value of a property.