Residential Appraisal and Property Inspection Document (RAPID)

Since 1940, Forsythe Appraisals has been a leader in residential valuation innovation.  Our newest solution is the Residential Appraisal and Property Inspection Document, or RAPID. The product combines the core competencies of two of the nation's premier residential real estate companies by taking advantage of the extensive appraisal expertise of Forsythe Appraisals, coupled with the unparalleled profesionalism and experience of national home inspection leader Mueller Reports.


Combined, Forsythe Appraials and Mueller can deploy nearly 1300 W-2 employee appraisers and home inspectors in metropolitan markets from coast to coast.  Every Mueller field representative has been specifically trained on the requirements of completing an exterior inspection of a property for use in an appraisal assignment and they will work collaboratively with Forsythe Appraisals' highly experienced nationwide team of appraisers to ensure that RAPID provides customers with exceptional quality, fast turnaround times, and an extremely thorough and credible property valuation, all at highly competitive pricing.

What is RAPID?

  • RAPID is a hybrid residential valuation solution that incorporates the combined expertise of Mueller home inspectors to do field reviews of the property and Forsythe Appraisers to provide the analysis and opinion of value.
  • Mueller staff performs the field inspection and then hands that data off to the Forsythe appraiser who will then perform a desktop appraisal.
  • All reports include 3 sales comparables.

Regulatory Compliant

  • There are a lot of creative alternative valuation products emerging in the marketplace.  RAPID is USPAP and Interagency Guidelines compliant and completed by appraisers with local geographic competency.
  • We don't rely on historic images to be compliant with the requirement for "real time condition" (Interagency Guidelines Section XII).  Property is observed by a professional inspector.


  • Cost is an important factor in Consumer Lending.  Many lenders are running multiple AVMs and BPOs, or just defaulting to traditional full drive-by appraisals.
  • RAPID appraisals are a cost-effective alternative.


  • Speed is critical for your Consumer Lending valuation needs.  RAPID improves on the typical turn times by utilizing a professional inspection firm with 1200+ employee inspectors to provide a real-time exterior inspection.
  • The appraiser receives the inspection report and photos to complete the USPAP-compliant appraisal from the desktop. This can reduce turn times by up to a day.


  • 100% of valuation is done by licensed or certified residential appraisers.
  • 100% of inspection is completed by trained staff inspectors, not by someone unfamiliar with factors impacting condition and marketability.
  • Valuations are completed by your neighborhood Forsythe residential staff appraiser from the local branch office of America's largest independent appraisal firm, with more than 75 years of experience providing high quality, well-supported, ethical opinions of value on residential real estate.

This is just a brief summary of the benefits and advantages of RAPID. For more details please contact us at 651-486-9550.

Products & Services

In addition to the highest quality residential appraisals in the industry, Forsythe Appraisals also offers comprehensive professional specialty services. We  deliver well documented, objective reporting that complies with all Federal guidelines, with the Forsythe promise of the highest quality and customer service.

Valuation Services for all Residential Property Types

  • Standard residential appraisals
  • High value appraisal specialists
  • Multi-family homes up to 4 Units
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums and co-ops
  • Residential lots
  • Unique, complex properties

Specialty Services

  • FHA
  • Alternative Valuations
  • REO and pre-foreclosure
  • Relocation appraisals local market desk/field reviews
  • The national review division/administrative reviews
  • Litigation
  • Tax abatement
  • Divorce
  • Probate and trusts
  • Condemnation (full and partial takings)

For information about our products and services please contact us at 651-486-9550.

Real Estate Owned/Foreclosure Appraisals

Forsythe Appraisals leads the industry in Real Estate Owned (REO)/Foreclosure appraisals, providing lenders with superior residential real estate appraisal services since 1940. Local, dedicated REO teams are made up of seasoned, certified staff appraisers, specially trained in handling the challenges and standing up to the pressures of the foreclosure process while providing customized appraisals that meet your individual needs. From the initial appraisal request to the final, reader-friendly report, Forsythe responsiveness and communication is second to none.

REO appraisal services include:

  • Loss mitigation
  • Full exterior and interior inspection
  • Narrative photo description, including deferred maintenance or repairs
  • ‘As is’ value and ‘As repaired’
  • Estimated ‘Cost to Cure’ (list of repairs)
  • Analysis of marketability, listing sales and absorption rates
  • Electronic delivery
  • 24-48 hour turnaround times after gaining access to property
  • Specially tailored system of electronic updates delivered according to your needs
  • Competitive fee structure, branch invoicing and/or central consolidated billing offered

For more information about our Real Estate Owned/Foreclosure Appraisals please contact us at 651-486-9550.

Relocation Appraisals

Relocation appraisals differ greatly from mortgage appraisals. At Forsythe Appraisals, we have expertise in both. Our local, specially trained relocation appraisers in more than 440 markets throughout the country are intimately familiar with specific market conditions, demographics, and real estate trends, so they can accurately forecast “anticipated sales price” of a property in its “as-is” condition. Our detailed reports include recommended repairs and improvements to assure the property’s marketability and appropriate listing and sales price.

For more information about our Relocation Appraisals please contact us at 651-486-9550.

Local Market Field & Desk Reviews

We are local market experts. For an accurate review appraisal, nothing is more important than hiring a firm with in-depth, local market experience and knowledge. Forsythe Appraisals has branch offices that cover more than 40 metropolitan areas from coast to coast. And Forsythe is one of the few appraisal firms in the country that can provide market-specific expertise where and when you need it.

Forsythe Appraisals has proven success in providing unparalleled customer service and the highest quality standards in the industry. No one is better equipped to provide thorough review report analysis than your Forsythe Appraisals review specialists.

Forsythe Appraisal Advantages In Review Appraisals

  • Local market expertise
  • Unparalleled service – We emphasize communication and cooperation throughout the review process.
  • Our average turnaround times are 24 hours for Desk Reviews and 48 hours for field reviews.
  • Appraisal Qualification Board-approved—USPAP Instructors
  • Competitive fees

For more information about our Local Market Field and Desk Reviews, please contact us at 651-486-9550.